Shower Cabins

A traditional bathtub and shower cabin can be difficult to use for a person with any form of disability. Our shower cabins are specially designed for people with special needs and can be adapted to most existing bathrooms.

Even traditional bathrooms can be designed in many ways. Therefore, you can order our shower cabins in a large number of designs. The cabin also has a wide variety of accessories such as window solutions, doors, ramps and faucests.


Contact us if you are unsure of which model that will fit your needs best.


1005×705 mm
1205×705 mm
1452×705 mm

805×805 mm
1005×805 mm
1205×805 mm
1452×805 mm

905×905 mm
1005×905 mm
1205×905 mm
1455×905 mm

Height of tub 45 mm
Total height 1945 mm
Weight 50-70 kg

Product sheet

Kabin vy
C199-0002 Duschhylla