The Athena garage is made to provide shelter and protection for your mobility scooter or power wheelchair. The design is modern and provides both high usability and low energy consumption.


The garage is spacious and easy accessible. The shape of the hood allows you to choose whether to back into the garage or drive straight forward to park. There is also plenty of space to transfer into a wheelchair or other assistive devices. Inside the garage, the vehicle is protected from rain and dirt, while being kept warm with the adjustable heater. Two integrated power sockets are mounted on the garage’s inner back wall, where you can charge the battery. A shelf to store the charger is available in different sizes and can be placed anywhere on the inner back wall. The garage is in spite of its sturdy construction, easy to get to location and to relocate if necessary.



To open or close the garage the supplied remote control is used. A keypad is  available behind the side hatch where you also will find a release mechanism / emergency opening button. If you prefer regular keys we can supply the garage with an electric-key opening function.



As a standard the garage is delivered with a overload protection but it can also be fitted with an integrated terminal strip in the sidewall seal. The garage is built under the current Machinery Directive 2006/42 / EC and the EN 12100 ISA:2010th standards.


Electrical outlet: 230V

Automatic opening with remote control and keypad

Outer dimensions, floor:
Width 1766 mm, depth 1725 mm

Interior dimensions, floor:
Width 1695 mm, depth1650 mm

Opening size:
Width 1695 mm, height adjustable up to 2300 mm

Height: 1600 mm

Pinch protection and emergency release

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