Home adaptations

If you work with home adaptations and aids for disabled

We have continuously worked with products especially made for home adaptions since the late 80s. We constantly develop and improve new and existing products such as stove guards, shower cabins, kitchen solutions and garages for scooters as we intercept ideas and thoughts from professionals on the field.


If you work with new housing developments or redevelopments

Athena Nordic has been working on improving accessibility for 30 years. We specialize in bathrooms, kitchens and security solutions. We take on new developments as well as redevelopments and make a tailored solutions for any type of housing such as retirement homes, senior housing or sheltered housing.


For those looking for contact with us as an individual

Here you will find smart solutions for almost any room of your home. You can contact us directly with questions relating to our products. If you want we can offer help in finding a competent contractor to help out with installations. We welcome your questions and concerns.